Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Is Here

More rain and flooding.  This shows the river Stour which has gone over its banks and flooding the Sainsbury car park.

We planted these last fall and they are brilliant.  The far right is tulips which are coming.

Trip to Paris to meet Sonya and Frank.

Notre Dame Cathedral  Paris.

Vorelle on one of the many bridges over the Seine River in Paris.

Hilton at the Paris de gaulle airport.

A rare day to see blue skies.  Taken from the Harris' garden, Minister, Kent.

At the Spitfire Museum with Marion and Mike Harris, Manston, Kent.

Hurricane at the Spitfire Museum.

Vorelle with the Harris' dog named Bear.

Chef Mike Harris prepared this meal which was really good.  Pork Roast, roasted and mashed potatoes and lots of gravy.

The British love table tennis.  We play around the world which is a lot fun.

Spring flowers are blooming.  Outside our flat.

Sister Welc and Sister Gundestrup talking to Sister Gundestrup's sister as she opened her mission call to Mexico.

Stake Road Shows.

Zone Leaders Elder Kapishke from Germany and Elder Beesinger from Utah.  Emailing from our flat on P Day.

Mill Street in Canterbury. We walk here often on our way back home from City Center.

Sister Naomi Potter, President of the Ward Relief Society, making a presentation on shopping using the internet.

Our Children sent us these valentines which we opened each day in February. Amberly put them together. 

Celebrating Elder Sill's birthday during FHE.  LtoR, Paul, Don, Elder Davis, Oliver, William, Diva, Elder Choi, Sisters Gundestrup, and Welc.

Missionaries getting their post/supplies at Zone Conference in Canterbury Chapel Hall.

Celebrating Elder Choi's birthday during Institute.

Canterbury Zone.

Elder Sill teaching Institute.

Popular sister missionary shoes.  Which ones are Sister Sill's? 
It rained most of the month of February so we had rain from December 1 to March 1.  Lot's of flooding.  So far March has been good.  We have gone one week without any rain and it is warm.  So different from last year when it was cold.  The flowers and trees are blooming and it is beautiful.  There are daffodils everywhere.  The favorite spring flower in Britain.  Almost done with the black tights which are a life saver in cold weather!

Grandma Beth passed away on Valentines day so it has been difficult not being able to be there.  We are so grateful for Sonya and Frank and their family helping Beth's daughter with all the funeral arrangements.  Also our family in Utah for helping with the graveside services.  We were able to visit with Beth by Face Time before she passed away.  Her passing was unexpected.  Sonya and Frank were in France visiting Frank's parents who are on a mission there when Beth passed away.  We were able to travel to Paris by Eurostar to meet with them to take care of necessary estate matters.  We had a nice one day visit.

Our family surprised us at the beginning of February with an valentine message for each day from one of our grandchildren.  It made the month special to open a new message each day. Thanks Amberly for putting this nice surprise together!

The Stake Road Shows were fun and very well done.  Original music and costumes.  The theme was something funny happened on the way to......  The Deal Ward won the best in show.

Whenever the YSA meet we play table tennis.  They love it.  We play around the world.  Each person rotates clockwise around the table and must return the ball or they are out.  It goes until there are two remaining then they play the best of three and we start over again.  Lots of fun.

We love Institute night.  We start with a meal, table tennis, Institute lesson and then finish with table tennis and pudding (dessert). Sister Sill does a lot of cooking! Our favorite meal this month was American Pancakes on National Pancake Day.  National Pancake Day is the day before Lent.  The tradition is everyone eats British pancakes on that day.  Their pancakes are much different so to have American pancakes was a treat especially the way Elder Sill cooks them with apples and cheese. They ate 48 slices of bacon (from the butcher) and two bowls of fresh fruit!

We were able to spend a day with Marion and Mike Harris at their home in Minister.  It was a treat to walk with them to their local butcher and pick up sausage and a pork roast for our meals that day.  The butcher shops are really cool.  They took us to the Spitfire museum in Manston.  The Spitfire and Hurricane were the fighter planes that saved Britain from the German invasion at the beginning of World War II.  Winston Churchhill said "So much is owed by so many to so few."  Referring to the brave men who fought the air battle over Britain from July 1940 to October 1940. It touches the heart to read their stories. The Hurricane and Spitfires destroyed most of the German fighter planes making it impossible for an invasion.  Mike prepared the best pork roast we have ever had. (See the photo above!)

We are busy with the YSA and Ward assignments.  We love the missionaries.  They are wonderful to work with.  We love sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and rejoice in His love and blessings. Our bodies are tired but the spirit is strong.  It is wonderful seeing the change in peoples lives as they accept the gospel and start on their journey back to our Heavenly Father.  Our lives have been changed and our hearts humbled in helping in such a small way with this great work.  We thank all that pray for us and support us.  It is amazing how fast the time has gone.  

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