Thursday, May 16, 2013

Every Thing is Beautiful

London Temple
We went to the London Temple on April 26.  It was a beautiful day.  The Temple is south of London in a small village named New Chapel.  It is on 32 acres.  Vorelle as a 10 year old was at the temple dedication in 1958.  She still remembers quite a bit about the dedication and received a strong testimony about President McKay being a prophet. 
Flowers around the London Temple

Western Restaurant.  Inside it everyone
was in Western gear.  You thought
you were in Wyoming

          We spent April 27 visiting the Cathedral and shopping with the Allreds a missionary couple from the Mission Home.  It was our first time to the Cathedral.  It is rich with History dating back to  1000 AD.  Lots of tombs of Archbishops and several kings.

Cathedral from the Roman Burial Ground
Gillian Andrew's Baptism.  Elders Heath
and Tan
Gillian is a Kent University Student that sought out the Elders on  She was impressed with her friends that were Mormons and wanted to know more about the Church.  She is a special person and will be a great addition to our YSA group.  She was baptized on Sunday April 27 after our block time.  Lots of the ward stayed for her baptism. 

Friends of Gillian at her baptism
Bishop Pemberton Canterbury Ward
Canterbury Cathedral
Elder Yenchik was transferred.  He goes home the end of May and we thought he would go home from here.  We really love the missionaries. 
We miss Elder Yenchik

Trinity Chapel inside Cathedral
A chapel inside the Cathedral in honor
of those who served in the military
Trinity Chapel inside Cathedral

 Naïve of Cathedral

Quire Section of Cathedral

Elder Heath is our new District Leader.  He is from Birmingham England and goes home the end of May.  We will miss him when he goes home.  Elder Tan started his mission here and we are glad that he will be here through at least another transfer.  Tranfers are every six weeks.
New District Left to Right Elder Wilson,
Jensen, Riedler, Heath, Tan, Lingam
Sister Stewart and Cleveland
Elder Heath and Elder Tan 

Our Doctors Office.  They are called Surgery
in England

Our street New Dover Road

Beautiful gardens everywhere

Stake YSA Fiesta Party.
We served Tacos and Café Rio Pork burritos
Elder Heath and Wilson were our
Mariachi Band
 Senors and Senorita?
The Stake YSA Fiesta Night was a success.  We had 40 YSA, 8 missionaries, 2 investigators and 12 adults.  Lots of games and great food.  They loved the Café Rio pork and ranch dressing.  We had the left overs for Monday FHE.
They loved this game.  The person in the
circle needs to name something to get
others to move out of their chairs so the
person can take the open chair.  Whoever
does not find a chair is it.
Vorelle hosted a Sisters day for our Zone.
Left to right Sister Cleveland, Harun,
Greenfield and Stewart.  Sister Cleveland
goes home the end of May.  She has a lot
of enthusiasm for missionary work.  We
will miss her.

Marley Vorelle Martinson
on her blessing May 4, 2013.
Same dress Vorelle and Amberly
were blessed in.  Made by Vorelle's
Grandma in England.

  Amberly and Mike had Marley's Blessing at Garrett and Steph's home on May 4, 2013.  We were able to Skype at 11:30 pm our time.  It was really special for our family. 

Blessing was at Garrett and Stephanie's
Four generations Great Grandma Sill, Amberly,
Marley.  Vorelle on Mission

Country Lane to Sister Holden's Home in Wingham. 
Going to the Holden's Home to teach a
lesson.  Not sure if Sister Sill wanted
to highlight how much gray hair I have
or she is proud of the haircut she gave me.
Canterbury Zone at Zone Conference.
We are teaching Sister Holden's son Paddy who is 12.  The Holden family has been very good to us.  Sister Holden is in the Relief Society Presidency, her husband Phil and their other son Alfred are great people.  Sister Holden and Phil have been in several Harry Potter films.

3 Zones at Zone Conference Hyde Park London May 15, 2013
The theme for conference was understanding the Holy Ghost.  President Jordan is a great teacher and it is great to see the Elders and Sisters teach one another.  The spirit is really strong in these conferences.  We get up early and catch the train to London.  It is 1 1/2 hour train ride.  We arrive in Victoria Station and get the Tube to South Kensington.  Zone meeting start at 10 am and go to 4 pm.  This is our second Zone Conference.  They are held every three months.  We had pizza and salad for lunch.  Then back on the train home at 6:45 pm.  Go to Institute and we are home at 9:45 pm.  A long day but very fulfilling.

Hyde Park Mission Home
Hyde Park Mission Home Golden
Spire.  The Spire is the elevator/stair case
the offices are to the right.  4 levels.
Beautiful May Flowers on Temple

Purple tulips on Temple grounds.
 Thapa Family at Temple 
We have been teaching the Temple lessons to Brother and Sister Thapa from our ward.  They plan to be sealed next month in June.  Sister Thapa wanted her mother to see the Temple before she returns to India.  Brother Thapa is from Nepal and Sister Thapa is Nepalese but is from India.  Their daughter is Christine.  Sister Thapa was wearing her native dress which was very beautiful.  We had a great day.


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