Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Our Mission Car 2011 Vauxhall Diesel

We are on the 3rd Floor of the
 Knights Apts 44 New Dover Road
Entrance to our Flat

On March 15 we traveled by train to Gravesend to pick up our car from the Brown's.  They have completed their mission and returned home to Ogden Utah on March 16.  They were very good to us and gave us a lot of supplies and items for  our flat most importantly a printer!!! 

On March 11th, Vorelle's father, Dale Powell passed away.  We did not go home for the funeral.  His service was held in Layton.  Our children helped Beth and Andrea with the funeral and our ward provided a family dinner.  We are so appreciative of all those who helped.  Vorelle was able to share her thoughts about her Dad and they were read at the funeral service.  We know that he is with loved ones in the spirit world.


We will still use the buses since we have
a free pass.  Diesel is $8.50 per gal

 City Bus Center
Our assignment is to work with the Young Single Adults in the Canterbury, Ashford and Deal Wards.  It covers all of the southeast area of our Mission with the North Sea in the north and English channel to the east.  There is good bus service to these areas and because we are seniors we can ride the buses free, however a lot of our meetings are at night and the bus schedules are limited.  The car makes us more effective.  Also a lot of our ward members live outside of Canterbury.  All of our stake meetings are in Gillingham which is 50 miles from here.

We took six of the YSA's to the London Temple to do proxy baptisms.  It was the first time for three of them.  It was a very special evening.

We have not seen any of the tourist attractions in our area.  We are waiting for spring which is long in coming.  This spring has been the coldest in 50 years.  We have had maybe one day when the sun was shining and it was warm.  The people  here do not complain about the weather.  Everyone walks and we find people to be very friendly and helpful.  We also walk whenever we can since it healthy to do so.  Vorelle said that when we get back home we will always walk to church. 

Melissa and Amy cooking for
the Elders and Sisters in our Flat

Clockwise Elder Tan from Singapore,
Elder Yenchik from Holiday, Utah, Sister
Cleveland from Olympia, Wash, Sister Stewart
from Hong Kong, Melissa Regan and Amy Musser,
students at Kent University

Our new District

Spring is coming

Old District

Zone Meeting before transfers
Elder and Sister Brown's last
meeting before leaving for home

Narrow streets in Canterbury

Pocahontas burial site
City of Gravesend 
Spring Flowers from our friend
Family Home Evening with

Missionary shoes all sizes and worn
out from all the walking
Canterbury cathedral from outside
the wall.  It is visible throughout
the city


  1. Fun pictures! Looks like you are busy and Canterbury looks amazingly beautiful. Glad that you are having success.

  2. Nice to hear from you.
    Pictures are great.
    Good luck in your service.

  3. We love all of your pictures! Thanks for keeping us updated! We miss you!